My favorite websites so far, no reason just my favorites

 The following is my first list of websites I follow or I just flat out like. No deep reason as of yet, I just like them. If you don't agree leave a comment, if you do agree leave a comment. I would be curious to read you reasons why.

Personal Finance Tips - Because we could all use a little help and tips for our personal finances.

Tranquil Videos - Full of relaxation music and helpful info for stress relief, meditation and yes my new favorite yoga.

Recreation Vehicle Guide - I can't afford a motorhome yet, but I am trying. Any info about motorized vehicles will help.

Antique Furniture Guide - Probably one of the best overlooked investment opportunities at the moment. The price of quality antiques has never been lower. The antique furniture pieces offer high quality and beauty.

Bohemians - Always my favorite home design go to place. None of that cookie cutter low quality garbage. Only the best styles in rugs, furniture, antiques and vintage finds.

Vintage Furniture - Well the name of this site is actually Vintage Furniture Guide. It never disappoints. It is full of information about the highest quality furniture. None of the garbage that mass produced today. They have pages and many videos about the highest and furniture available anywhere, Start your decorating engines today baby!

Vintage China Guide - Well this site actually writes about antique china, porcelain, vintage brands and more. Find your favorite patterns or look for some hand painted artistic beauties. They have information about tea sets, cups, saucers, plates and more.


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